My Story

Here we go. I started a blog. This project came about 1. as a way to share my oily love with not only friends and family but other “crunchy” people out there in cyberspace 😉 and 2. an outlet to share my ideas of using essential oils in recipes, beauty products, cleaning, health benefits, and on our fur babies (dogs). I want to start this experiment by sharing a little bit about why I started using essential oils in my life and how I got to this point in my oily journey. To be honest, I am a relatively healthy person so I don’t have a story about how essentials helped cure/improve xyz health impairment when nothing else worked. I do have a story about how many tiny, yet also huge, ways they have changed my life.

I first heard about oils the way I suspect my generation hears of a lot of things–on my Facebook feed. I have several friends/sorority sisters that use oils and are not shy about sharing the amazing things oils have done for them. It was early in the summer of 2015 and I had just graduated from my Master’s program, gotten married, and started my first “big girl job” as an intensive in-home counselor. Let me tell you, any of my friends’ posts referencing “Stress Away” Essential Oil or oils for uplifting mood and managing stress and anxiety caught my eye. My Master’s program heavily emphasized “self-care” (and for good reason–we can’t be good helpers if we’re not taking care of ourselves) and I knew I needed to step my self-care game up with all of these major life changes and getting my first real caseload. My program was really awesome about emphasizing holistic types of healing in addition to traditional “talk” therapy, including yoga, art, and meditation. I am a firm believer in all of these things, and I had seen an essential oil diffuser used by one of my classmates for a project. So I thought, if it works for these ladies then maybe there’s something to them.

Young Living Assortment of Essential Oils

I contacted an acquaintance from college, who shared a TON of information with me and was extremely helpful. Before you knew it I had my Premium Starter Kit. Honestly, it felt like a lot of money for something I wasn’t sure about. And I won’t lie and say I dove right in and noticed a major impact from using oils right away. Like I said, I’m a generally healthy person and I struggled at first to figure out what all these oils could really do for me. I used lavender, frankincense and Stress Away to help when I was feeling overwhelmed with my new job and my clients. I used lemon in my water, tried PanAway for back pain, and made a homemade Thieves cleaner. I just didn’t have that “ah-hah” moment I was waiting for when oils came to the rescue when I REALLY needed them. What happened instead was I started learning more about the chemicals and ingredients in the products I was using before, and slowly started replacing them with homemade versions using my oils. I bought wool dryer balls for my laundry, I made my own face wash, I experimented with sugar scrubs and face masks and a thousand other things. And before I knew it, I was using oils in practically every part of my day.

And then the fall came. This was a big transition for my work life as the kiddos I work with went back to school and I went back to working late late nights. I also got a ton of new kids (clients) at the same time and started feeling overwhelmed and losing sleep worrying about their cases and how to help them. This is where self-care is supposed to come in 🙂 I got back into doing yoga each morning and started applying my previous arsenal of mood-boosting oils–Joy, Frankincense, Lavender, Stress Away, Peace and Calming, and a few others. These were good, but still not enough to stop this new anxiety I wasn’t used to. Finally I tried Vetiver–that was my “ah-hah” moment. I started applying it in a blend with a few of my other favorites, every day before I left for work and in between clients. I can’t even explain the difference it made. It was like putting on a suit of armor and knowing no matter how my sessions went with these kids and their families, I’d figure it out. Every oil works different for different people, and this one worked big for me.

This was around the time I decided to start sharing the oils and my success with them more publicly. I learned about doing the “business” side of oils and was SO relieved by the no-pressure stance that these ladies take on sharing their stories. So I started writing posts and sharing photos of my favorite diffuser combos, beauty products and oil uses. Soon I had family and friends asking me about them and wanting to know more. I loved sharing my ideas about how oils could help them with different things in their lives. I love teaching people that oils aren’t scary voodoo-there’s real science involved and they really do work! I’m hoping this blog will be another forum for me to share the amazing things oils have done for me–from helping my find “greener” and safer cleaning products to use in our home, to pampering myself with homemade beauty products for MUCH cheaper than what I find in stores, to so much more. I’m hoping my readers will enjoy joining me in this oily life and learning with me about how to use natural products.